Pastor's Message

“God Will Give Me Justice”

Psalm 7

Every upright person desires justice.  They want the truth to prevail and someone to judge fairly between what is right and what is wrong.  They do not want people and systems that are corrupt, and they do not want the guilty to go free, all while the innocent are condemned.  Unfortunately, we live in a world where true justice is often lacking and many are hurt, abused, and taken advantage of.  So, where do we turn when this happens?  The author of Psalm 7 turns to the LORD his God and calls on the righteous to do the same. 

The superscription of Psalm 7 informs the reader that this psalm was traditionally attributed to King David concerning the words spoken against him by a Benjamite man.  Although it is not certain as to which historical event this psalm references, it does deal with matters of injustice against an innocent person.  It is therefore an appeal to the LORD for justice against the unrighteous and wicked people who are the author’s adversaries.

Verse 1 grounds the author’s petition for deliverance in the fact that the LORD is his refuge.  Verse 2 then contends that if the LORD is not his deliverer, then there is no hope and his enemy will tear him to pieces.  In verses 3-4 come his appeal that he is innocent of any injustice and evil against his enemy, to the point that he will allow himself to be destroyed if he is in the wrong.  With this confidence, he now fervently requests that God arise in his anger, judge his enemies, and vindicate him (vs. 6-9).  He also exclaims with confidence that God will bring judgment upon wicked, who are full of mischief, falsehood, and violence (vs. 12-16). 

Although in deep distress and experiencing great unfairness, the author trusts that God is his shield and the righteous judge who has indignation every day against the injustices of the world (vs. 10-11).  In light of this, he sings praises to the LORD because of his righteousness (v. 17). 

This psalm has a lot to teach us.  It acknowledges that there are grave injustices in the world and that the innocent are sometimes ridiculed, taunted, and persecuted.  It teaches us that when this happens, we appeal not to an earthly judge or judicial system, but to an almighty, holy, and just God.  It is he who hears our cries for help, he who judges every thought and action, and he who will ultimately save the upright in heart (vs. 9-10).  Therefore, we should give thanks and praise his holy name (v. 17).  

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