Pastor's Message

You Are Witnesses of These Things

Luke 24:36-49 

What does it mean to be a witness?

In the basic sense, it means to have personal knowledge of something.  That knowledge may need to be shared in order to affirm or refute a matter.  So, it is not uncommon in the legal realm for witnesses to be brought forth in order to support the case of a prosecution or defense team.  Witnesses are used by law enforcement to determine how an accident or crime took place.  People even share their personal witness or testimony with friends to explain why the latest movie is or isn’t worth seeing.

The Bible also talks about witnesses.  Sometimes they are used to give testimony about the covenantal terms between God and his people (see how “the heavens and earth” are spoken about in Deut 30:19).  Sometimes God commissions his own people to give testimony about his prophecies made years before they ever came to pass (see Isa 43:9-13). 

After Jesus’s resurrection…

…we find he gave the same role to his disciples.  While Jesus certainly could have appeared to every nation, every ruler, or every individual personally, he chose not to do so.  Instead, he explained the Scriptures to his faithful followers, the eleven disciples, and sent them out with this simple explanation—“You are witnesses of these things” (Lk 24:48).  That was all they needed in order to explain to others their personal understanding of Jesus and the coming of God’s kingdom.

If you have believed the gospel because of the writings of the apostles and prophets, then you too are witnesses of these things.  That means you are called by God to give testimony—your understanding—of the truth about Jesus and the coming of God’s kingdom.  You don’t need to understand everything perfectly, you just need to be in a living and growing relationship with the risen Lord Jesus, and to be sharing your personal knowledge with others.