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Churches use all sorts of names for small groups—life groups, growth groups, home groups, cell groups. They also use various models, numerous strategies for connection, various plans for assimilation, and church-specific vision and goals for their group ministries. Yet all would agree that small groups are a means to an end, not an end in and of themselves. Small groups exist as a way for people to engage in biblical community that helps them become more like Jesus in every area of their lives. We are looking to get small groups started in our church and they help to not only bring a community of believers closer together, but it also helps to being our community closer to God. 

As we engage in life together through teaching, fellowship, communion, prayer, miracles, radical generosity, and corporate worship. We spend time learning, celebrating, proclaiming the Good News, and supporting each other. Small groups are a way of living out our purpose, both as individuals and as a collective group of believers—to be the church. We share a common foundation of faith and God has called us to live out the implications of that faith in a relational community, in the context that we call a small group.

Below, is a list of books and videos that are available for study. They cover various topics of everyday life along with Bible based learning and discussions. If you would be looking to start a small group or are in need of materials this would be a good place to start. They are available in the first cabinet just outside the elevator in the lower level. 


SMALL GROUPS - Video Lessons     
    Number    Study  Adult   
Author/Leader  Title  of Lessons  Minutes Guide Sun. Sch.  
Bernis, Jonathan The Dangerous Lie of Replacement Technology  Six 65 Mins.  No    
Central Conference At The Heart of The Mission-125 yrs. Central Conf.  Four   No    
Chan, Frances Basic. We Are Church  Four   No     
Chan, Frances Crazy Love - Overwhelmed By A Rentless GOD Ten 1 Hr. 16 Mins. No    
Christian History Inst. The APOSTLES' Creed - Twelve Sessions Twelve 2 Hrs.  No    
Crossways International The Apostles Creed for the New Millennium  Four  2 Hrs. 25 Mins.  No    
Day of Discovery The 7 Churches of Revelation  Seven 1 Hr. 75 Mins. No    
Duford, Rob Joseph, The Hard Life  Four 13 Mins. No    
George, Timothy Christianity & Islam Four 100 Mins.  Yes ä  
Giglo, Louie relat(able) - Making Relationships Work  Six 2 Hr. 8 Mins.  Yes    
Gospel in Life A Journey Through Lent - Reflection on Christ's Sacrifice Seven 4 Hr. 5 Mins.  No    
Hume, Brit Doing the Right Thing Six 3 Hr. 25 Mins. Yes    
Keller, Timothy  The Reason For God  Six 2 Hrs.  Yes ä  
Ken Ham  The Foundations Six 2 Hrs.  Yes    
Kimball, Dan They Like Jesus But Not the Church  Six 130 Mins. No    
Lucado, Max Fearless Six 1 Hr.  Yes ä  
McManus, Erwin Choices - Choose to Live  One 9 Mins. No    
McManus, Erwin Choices - Leave a Mark One 10 Mins. No    
Moore, Beth  Esther - Tough Being a Women Ten   Yes ä  
Moore, Beth  Timothy - A Study  Six   Yes ä  
Moore, Beth  James - Many Triumphs  Eight    Yes ä  
Moore, Beth  To Live in Christ  Six   Yes ä  
Nadler, Sam Dr.  Feasts of the Bible five  3 Hrs.  No ä  
Ortberg, John  God is Closer Than You Think  Six 90 Mins.  Yes    
Ortberg, John  All The Places to Go  Six 150 Mins. Yes ä  
Ortberg, John  SOUL Keeping - Caring For the Six 139 Mins. No ä  
Ortberg, John  If You Want to Walk on Water - Get in the Boat  Six 102 Mins  No ä  
Orwell, George  Islam vs Christinanity  Six   No ä  
Phillips, Tod Joshua - Be Strong & Courageous  Four 20 Mins.  No    
Rothberg, John God is Closer Than You Think  Six   Yes    
Shirer, Pricilla The Armor of God Seven 4 Hrs. 30 Mins. Yes    
Smith, Angie  Seamless Seven 1 Hr. 30 Mins.  No ä  
    Number    Study  Adult   
Author/Leader  Title  of Lessons  Minutes Guide Bible Study  
Stanley, Andy  Your Move Four 110 Mins. Yes ä  
Stanley, Andy  Starting Point Series  Six 2 Hrs. 8 Mins.  Yes ä  
Stanley, Andy  Go Fish  Six   Yes    
Stanley, Andy  Take Responsibility for Your Life  Four 129 Mins.  Yes ä  
Stanley, Andy  What Makes You Happy  Six 1 Hr. 20 Mins.  Yes ä  
Stanley, Andy  Guard Rails  Six 247 Mins. Yes    
Stanley, Andy  Taking Care of Business Six 1 Hr. 90 Mins. No ä  
Stanley, Andy  Future Family Six I Hr. 8 Mins.  No    
Stanley, Andy  Twisting the Truth  Six 4 Hrs.  Yes ä  
Stanley, Andy  Take it or Leave it Six   Yes    
Stanley, Andy  The N Commandments-six sets of questions as PDF's  Six   No ä  
Stanley, Andy  Destinations - We win or Loose by The Life We Choose Six 1 Hr. 30 Mins.  No ä  
Stanley, Andy  Take It to The Limit  Six   No ä  
Tackett, Del Dr.  The Truth Project  Seven 13 Hrs.  No    
Tackett, Del Dr.  Is Genesis History  Fifteen 1 Hr.  Guide ä  
  Uninvited - Living Love When You Feel Less Six 1 Hr. 8 Mins. No    
The Good Book Co. Christianity Explored  Seven   Yes    
Van Der Lana, Ray  Israel's Mission  five    Yes    
Van Der Lana, Ray  The Mission of Jesus five  120 Mins. Yes ä  
Van Der Lana, Ray  A Clash of Kingdoms Six 2 Hrs. 40 Mins. Yes ä  
Van Der Lana, Ray  Cultures In Conflict five  2 Hrs. 37 Mins. No ä  
Wendt, Harry Dr. An Apostles' Creed  Four 2 Hrs. 20 Mins.  No    
Wendt, Harry Dr. The Parables of Jesus  Ten 2 Hrs. No ä  
Wright, Tom Dr.  Jesus The New Way  Six 3 Hours No ä  
Yancey, Phillip The Jesus I Never Knew Six 115 Mins.  Yes ä  
ä Studies used in Adult Sunday School since 2015           


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