Adult Ministry


Zion’s ECC Adult Sunday School (Sunday Mornings) 

Adult Sunday school is a unique curriculum designed to build relationships through authentic conversation. It brings not only healthy discussion, but open dialogue that addresses "wondering" questions about faith and God in a compassionate environment, using the Bible as our source of truth. It offers hope as you seek to trust the Holy Spirit to guide you in your daily walks. Classes meet every Sunday (unless otherwise noted) prior to the morning worship service at 8:30 am. 

 September 9th - October 14th - All the Places to Go  

Session 1 - The Open Door - How to Recognize Opportunities 
Session 2 - Door #1 or Door #2?? - How Do I Decide Which Door to Walk Through?
Session 3 - How to Cross a Threshold: Practicing Discernment
Session 4 - The Doors we Open for Others - Seizing the Opportunity to Bless Others 
Session 5 - The Jonah Complex: The Things That Hold Us Back
Session 6 - Thank God for Closed Doors: Why God Leaves Some Doors Closed 

October 21st - November 25th - What Makes You Happy - Andy Stanley 
Session 1 - Nothing - What Makes You Happy - Something Come to Mind?
Session 2 - Plan For It - "God Doesn't Want You to be Happy; He Wants You to be Holy"?
Session 3 - Peace With God - Happy People are at Pease With God: The Three are Connected 
Session 4 - Happy Money - The Connection Between Happiness & Money 
Session 5 - Shoes - Why are We Tempted to Make Decisions That Hurt Us in the Long-Run?
Session 6 - You're Not Enough - We're Tempted to Think That Happiness Comes From Acquiring Things. 
____________________________________________________________________________________________________ December 2nd - February 3rd - Feasts of the Bible - Sam Nadler(Dec. 16th, 23rd, 27th, 30th - No Sunday School)
Session 1 - Feasts of the Bible - Sabbath
Session 2 - Feasts of the Bible - Passover 
Session 3 - Feasts of the Bible - Pentecost 
Session 4 - Feasts of the Bible - Feasts of the Trumpets 
Session 5 - Feasts of the Bible - Atonement 
Session 6 - Feasts of the Bible - Tabernacles 

February 10th - March 17th - Clash Of Kingdoms - Ray Vander Laan
Session 1 - The Gospel of Caesar
Session 2 - The Believers 
Session 3 - The Powers of Darkness  
Session 4 - The Philippian Jailer 
Session 5 - Confronting the Empire 

March 24th - April 21st - Is Genesis History? - Del Tackett- Website -
"An engrossing primer on why we can feel confident believing the Bible's account of creation."
Learn what the Bible says about creation and the global flood with this Bible Study, or dig deeper into the science behind the film with Beyond Is Genesis History?  

April 1st - No Sunday School

April 28th - May 19th - Andy Stanley
Session 1 - Taking Responsibility 
Session 2 - Taking Responsibility 
Session 3 - Taking Responsibility 
Session 4 - Taking Responsibility 
Session 5 - Taking Responsibility 
Session 6 - Taking Responsibility 

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