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The next “Ladies Night Out” will be on Thursday, October 4th. at 5:30 p.m. at 8th. Street Ale House, 1132 N. 8th Street in Sheboygan. There is a sign-up sheet in the gathering area, so we can let them know approximate numbers. Join us for food, fun, and fellowship. 

The Thursday morning adult Bible class will study the Book of Ruth from September 20 to October 18. The class taught by Valerie Schneider will meet in the Gathering Area at 10:00 a.m. for about one hour. The instructor will present background information relating to this book of the Bible at the first meeting at which the free course packet will also be given out. Then each remaining week the class will read and discuss one of the four chapters of this book. In fact until 450 A.D. RUTH was part of the book of JUDGES. RUTH is sometimes studied in college literature classes because it is considered one of the finest short stories ever written. Some think of this book mainly as the romantic story of Boaz and Ruth. It is actually much more than this. It presents a model of obedience to God and trust in His provision and providence in the period of weak faith and low morality during the rule of the JUDGES. RUTH is important in linking together several history books of the Bible and in helping develop the ancestry of King David and Jesus, the Messiah. Boaz and Ruth become the great-grandparents of King David and remote ancestors of Jesus. Finally, this book show that Gentiles can become part of the family of God and it helps develop the Gentile part of the ancestry of Jesus. (This book of RUTH will also be read by Immerse Bible Class students and given some attention, but this class will do a more detailed study of the book.) This course is appropriate for men or women, singles or couples. Pour a cup of coffee and join us. Sign up on the enrollment sheet available in early September outside of the church office. Or phone the church office at 457-7800 to register.

Join us for Food, Fun & Fellowship at Pizza & Movie Night on Friday, October 19th at 6:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. We will be watching the movie "Hocus Pocus" rated PG, not recommend for children under six years of age. Synopsis: After moving to Salem, Mass., teenager Max Dennison explores an abandoned house with his sister Dani and their new friend, Allison. After dismissing a story Allison tells as superstitious, Max accidentally frees a coven of evil witches who used to live in the house. Now, with the help of a magical cat, the kids must steal the witches' book of spells to stop them from becoming immortal. Menu: Pizza, salad, garlic bread and a beverage. A free-will donation will be accepted toward the cost of food. A sign-up sheet is located on the information table in the gathering area. RSVP by Wednesday, October 17th. Invite some friends to join us.

Zion Church Fall Clean-Up Day will begin at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 27. There will be work to do inside and outside. We will have jobs for everyone. Even if you can only help for one hour, that would be great. Please come and help get

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