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Facebook by Matt December 28: If you have ever been to Kibuye and attended family worship on Saturday evening, you have probably said the following words as part of the liturgy: “Thank you (Lord) for leading our steps even when we do not understand.” Lately, every time I read and speak these words, they resonate with me a lot. I guess it is because there is a lot I do not understand about life in Burundi, the world, 2020 and its series of crises.

The year 2020 has been a very challenging year. It has showcased the vulnerability of mankind, our exposure to risks and the possibility to lose the things that give us a sense of security and safety such as democracy, economic stability, health, freedom, and fellowship with others… While the impact of these challenges has been gentle in Burundi this year, I am still struggling with the sense of vulnerability that this uncertainty has revealed. I would like to shield myself against the possibility of losing anything I possess.

My work in Kibuye as the construction manager generally puts me in a position of authority. By default, I am called to take actions and to make decisions that are executed immediately by those who are under my authority. My natural tendency in this position is to suppress any kind of vulnerability. But as Andy Crouch puts it in his book Strong and Weak, whenever authority and vulnerability are not held together, the result is withdrawal (no authority and no vulnerability), exploitation (authority without vulnerability) and suffering (vulnerability without authority)



Facebook January 8: This weekend our leaders are going through a digital conference together that is focused on sharing Jesus with people in new areas on campus. Pray that students would catch a bigger vision of God saving their fellow classmates and be more active in being part of it!.



In some ways 2020 felt like the longest year in the history of my life and in other ways I still cannot believe it is over. I have so many feelings about 2020. It has been good in these past few days to take some time to reflect on the year and to name the things I am grateful for, like walks with family, virtual gatherings for children’s ministry leaders, discovering new recipes, a new kitten, etc. It was also good to name those losses, disappointments, and things to lament, like not being able to attend a missionary connection event with our friends and colleagues that we had all been looking forward to, not being able to see some of our friends in person since February, long days in quarantine, seeing racial injustices played out over and over again, lamenting riots and violence.

Life in all its ups and downs continues on this new year. Oh how thankful I am that I am not in control and that it is not in my hands to figure all things out. I can open my hands and trust the God who sees and the God who knows and loves us. I believe that God will continue to be faithful. I continue to live into the invitation to wait and hope in God in 2021. I pray that as you start this new year, you are rooted in the conviction of God’s love for you. May that be our grounding force in 2021.


As we enter a new year, we first reflect on all the ways that God worked in the past year. We are so thankful for all that God did through you in Spain. We pray you are filled with hope for all that He will do in 2021. We are confident He has great things in store. Thank you for partnering with us to continue to impact lives for eternity. We cannot thank God enough for you. 



(On home assignment (Minnesota) following Covid-19) Please continue to pray for us as we adjust to life and ministry in the US. There are so many losses we are still grieving, but our hearts are also filled with gratitude for God’s amazing provision and care for us shown in so many big and small ways over these last few months. We are grateful to each of you for your prayers and care for us as well. We are still unsure exactly how COVID will be affecting our church visits for this year of home assignment, but we hope to find creative ways to keep in touch and stay connected with you all. 

































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