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I look forward to the start of the school year in Kibuye. I appreciate the book recommendations my students have to offer from what they have read over the break. Their insights into Endgame and what might come next in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are worth evaluating together. A new school year means a new round of Learning Experience Days is before us, another era of history to explore, new books to dissect, and another year of fellowship as a team.


Despite all the excitement of a new year, there are also some key characters missing. There are now four Kibuye Kids attending high school in Kenya. The dynamic in our Kibuye classroom is different without them and parents and siblings feel their absence. It is not just these few missing people, but we all have loved ones who live half a world away from Kibuye. It is almost as if the Empire is building a new Death Star, but the Rebellion remains scattered.


Many of the people who make a place feel like home are missing. It can feel as though there are perhaps multiple homes. Life continues in those multiple homes even as life continues in Kibuye. It is a difficult reality that our loved one’s experience suffering while we are far away. Several of us on this team have suffered the loss of a loved one in the past two years. Many of our friends and family members who are far from us have experienced disease, divorce, or death. Just this morning, my family received news of friend diagnosed with a rare condition causing multiple cancers throughout her body.


Simply put, this school year brings with it an array of emotions and spiritual challenges. I want to be present for so many people in so many different situations. I especially want to be there for those who have lost a loved one and for those whose prognosis is terminal. I want to make things better.


In Fellowship with others is where the victory that Christ has claimed is most assuredly felt and realized. God has brought us together as the body of Christ and Jesus himself bears our burdens and those of our loved ones, near and far. This school year, I am most excited to see Jesus transform lives and carry each of us into deeper relationship with Him.


Posted on Facebook Sept. 11 (Brittany): Handed out 100 donuts to first year nursing students today! We are hoping to get to get a bible study launched in the next week or two in the nursing school. Pray for me as I follow up with the 12ish students who showed interest so far! Earlier, on Sept. 5, Brittany posted: Large group was great tonight! We wanted to show students a couple of the things we love about intervarsity so we sang a song in Zulu and did a manuscript bible study. Students engaged well with the bible study while we talked about the parable of the soils.



We are so grateful for your prayers during these past months. It's hard to believe all the places we've been and the people we've spent time with. We want to thank the many people who have hosted us from Minnesota to Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Colorado and Missouri. Our family has made some great memories. As we've visited home, camps and churches, it has been a privilege to share how God is working in Colombia and the impact the Covenant Church of Colombia is having in the places they minister. Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare for more transition with this home assignment coming to a close and as we serve alongside our friends in Colombia. Make sure to visit our blog for more pictures and stories! Thank you for praying for Colombia, for continued peace, for wisdom for leaders and churches as they receive many from Venezuela. Pray for the church to be a visible and tangible model of God's shalom - peace. We invite you to follow our blog for more news and pictures. We are grateful for you and pray for God's deep peace to be experienced in your life. Peace, Julio and Katie


Last year, we began a community called SixFit that helps women grow in 6 areas of health. We believe that optimal health isn’t just having a healthy body, it’s also inner satisfaction and purpose in life where mind and spirit are also well balanced. One of my flag football teammates from Barcelona wrote the director of SixFit saying, "Hello Amy! How are you? I wanted to share with you that I have been very unmotivated to work out for a while now. I suffered various injuries back to back, and this has made it hard for me to become motivated again. I would love to start the SIXFIT fitness program again, since last year I loved it, and it was the only thing that both helped and motivated me."

Saray is on a journey to discover who Jesus is, the only true source of healing and motivation. Pray that she encounter HIM and a real transformation as she journeys through our fitness program. We pray that God uses this community to bring women to Himself. Please pray for Saray as she will complete the 4-month program of SixFit in September. It's been a joy to walk alongside her as her coach and celebrate her improvements in her health.

Thank you so much for being part of what God is doing in Spain! I thank God for each and every one of you. We pray that God blesses you. This work in Spain wouldn't be possible without you


Our son Matías experienced an episode in June during which he passed-out and appeared to stop breathing. This was identified as a neurological issue with a diagnosis of epilepsy. We had people encouraging us, however, to seek further medical attention – more than what is available in Oaxaca.

It was with grateful hearts that we took Matías to Mayo Clinic. We were humbled by the privilege of being able to have him seen by one of the best medical systems available. We received great news! Not only did the tests not show a more serious issue, they led the neurologist we saw to believe that this was, in fact, not an epileptic issue at all.

There are still some unknowns – we cannot know with certainty what caused the event, nor can we know that it will never happen again. It may have been a syncope event (though it wasn’t completely fitting with that) or it may still be a neurological issue. But we are comforted by the neurologist’s comment that in this type of situation, it is better that there is not a clear cause, because a clear cause would almost certainly indicate a more severe issue. And having the green light to take Matías off seizure meds and knowing that we can continue to communicate with the neurologist are both huge blessings! 

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers in these days and thank you for helping to make this visit possible! Please continue to pray for our family.



































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