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With the increase from two operating rooms to four, the number of surgeons has increased and the, surgical volume skyrocketed, with close to 300 cases being performed last month. This can be both good and bad--many more people being helped, but an increased strain on our staff, and the need continues to increase. In a country with so few surgeons, the demand will likely always be greater than the supply. Many more staff have needed to be hired to prep patients, set up for cases, circulate, clean and sterilize equipment. It's also been a pleasure to welcome many new anesthetists to work with Greg in order to provide safe anesthesia. They have continued to work long hours in order to help as many patients as possible. Please pray with us that these additional ORs will be a blessing to many. Pray for lives to be changed. But also pray for wisdom for us to steward these spaces well, to have perseverance on the busy difficult days, and to have grace and understanding when we need to say that we can continue to function and provide quality care for many years to come.


Eric & Brittany’s fourth child, a girl, was born January 22; weighing in at 8 pounds 6 ounces. She is named Corianna Charitie Pedersen after Cori Ten Boom and Anna, the prophetess in Luke chapter 2. Charitie was an Irish song writer of Christian hymns. Eric on Facebook on March 8: Student retreat tonight! We are spending time getting into the vision for witnessing communities tonight and studying the book of Ruth tomorrow. Pray for students to catch the vision! KELSEY



These past two years Julio has been studying a master’s degree in Conflict and Peace at the University of Medellin. This month he will finish his program as he turns in his final paper on May 6 and prepares to give a presentation based on his paper in the International Congress of Social Sciences at the University on May 24. His paper focuses on the youth of "Be Peace, Make Peace" who are building peace in the midst of conflict and how their understanding of the biblical concept of shalom has been the basis for their project. Your prayers are appreciated as Julio works hard to finish well. His motivation behind this degree has been to have a wider understanding of peace and conflict, as well as tools to engage in peace, in order to be able to serve as a resource for people and church communities as they live into their call to build peace. 


Please pray with me that I might find teammates in sports ministry in Madrid. Part of my job is recruiting more workers for my team. If you know anyone who would be interested in sharing God’s love through sport, please put us in touch. Right now, there are both mid-term and long-term options to work in sports ministry in Madrid. Also, if you know anyone involved in mobilizing workers for missions whether that be a university representative, missions chairman, etc., please let me know. While I don't have teammates focused on sports ministry in Madrid, I am very thankful for the team that I do have. There are 4 couples with World Team just a 25-minute drive away. The World Team Spain director that connects biweekly. I meet weekly with The Young Life staff for worship and Bible study. There are also countless others who connect via text and email. Not to mention my husband who encourages me in everything I do and helps me process dreams and goals in ministry. God surely never leaves us totally on our own, and I'm grateful for that! Thank YOU for being my teammates. Together we share God's love in Spain. I really couldn't be here without you. I thank God for each and every one of you and pray He meets all your needs. Thank you for partnering together! With love, Kelsey.


This last weekend, we had the privilege of hosting MAEM (Ministering to the Abused and Exploited in Mexico) representatives from different parts of Mexico here in Oaxaca for our first-ever national planning retreat. Up until now, we have been organized to serve mostly at a regional level, but as MAEM grows, we desire to define together that which is essential and the frame of reference for our ministry, even as the activities vary and are contextualized to each of the groups we serve. We started our time reflecting on one of MAEM’s core values: “We encourage and model a leadership of service and participation in accordance with the model of Jesus.” To help us enter into a deeper understanding of what this means for us as a team and for us as leaders of MAEM, we studied and entered into a time of imaginative prayer around John’s recounting of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet on Maundy Thursday (John 13:1-17) , the night before he was betrayed. What we discovered was Jesus’s immense love for us as he, in our imaginations, washed our own feet, but also his invitation to us in his concluding words at the table… “Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them.” 




































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