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In the meantime, you could pray for our electricity and water systems here at the hospital. Normally these work quite well, but we have had challenges this week with some equipment including our hospital well pump and the hospital sterilizer for surgical tools. Jason is a very skilled fix-it man, but this has given him extra challenges this week. We pray that the equipment will be working by Monday so that the surgery department can operate as normal. Another prayer request: we are waiting on paperwork for another surgeon to be able to join the surgery department here. He is a young Ethiopian surgeon who will be a great help here, but his paperwork seems to be delayed, so we are praying for God to open the doors for him to be able to come soon. 


Facebook January 8: This weekend our leaders are going through a digital conference together that is focused on sharing Jesus with people in new areas on campus. Pray that students would catch a bigger vision of God saving their fellow classmates and be more active in being part of it!.



doing a new thing..." Dear friends, this passage above from Isaiah 43:19 has come up in several different settings. Most recently in an online Covenant event Rev. Darrel Griffin reflected on it in the midst of our current reality. We have been forced out of life as we know it in 2020 and have had to live differently in the midst of this worldwide pandemic. It has been stressful and we have experienced loss. If we are honest we have often found ourselves longing for the past way of doing things. And at the same time God has been present, we have adapted, and we have found new ways to confront the challenges. As we listened to Rev. Griffin share the new things that God is doing in his community in Chicago, God brought to mind the new and unexpected ways that we have seen ministry and people not only adapt but flourish here. This month we share with you a few examples. Remember to regularly visit our blog for more stories like these.

New Access to Biblical & Theological Training: If you have been following along, you know that we have begun year three in a project that seeks to equip leaders through theological education. In 2019 over 50 leaders and pastors completed a certificate in Old Testament. In 2020 it expanded to 136 people in Old Testament and New Testament certificate programs. In 2021, as learning has remained virtual, it has expanded to over 210 people in 3 certificate programs. The participants come from all over the country. If you'd like to contribute to scholarships for those who are studying in the certificate programs, click here (choose "Equipping Leaders" from the drop down menu. 


We continue to ask for your prayers for my residency in Spain. Since I last requested your prayers, we were able to get an appointment for our next step and the following one. I went to pick up my ID thinking we were finally finished with the process. To our dismay, they put the wrong last name on my ID. Everyone at the office who gave me the ID said that they were not able to help us. It has been such a challenging process that I asked if I could keep the wrong last name on my Spanish ID and change my American passport (this would be easier!). They said no because my last name is correct in the system, it was just printed wrong. They instructed us to another building, which instructed us to another, to another and to another. Finally an angel at our fourth stop was able to help us. We thank God for her! The process is not finished yet, so we appreciate your prayers. Each building we go to can take a whole morning and each appointment can take different appointments to get the right paperwork. It is taking a lot of time that I would really rather put into ministry. We will all have to celebrate when this is finally done right, and we appreciate your prayers until then! 


(On home assignment (Minnesota) following Covid-19) Please continue to pray for us as we adjust to life and ministry in the US. There are so many losses we are still grieving, but our hearts are also filled with gratitude for God’s amazing provision and care for us shown in so many big and small ways over these last few months. We are grateful to each of you for your prayers and care for us as well. We are still unsure exactly how COVID will be affecting our church visits for this year of home assignment, but we hope to find creative ways to keep in touch and stay connected with you all. 

































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