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Our faithful readers will know that there’s been a LOT of construction happening at Kibuye over the last 3 years. Brick is one of the main “ingredients” that is used for beautiful buildings such as this newly completed local school building. You will often see stacks of bricks cooking in a field or sitting by the side of the road waiting to be sold (for about 1 cent a piece).
For a Kirundi class at Kibuye Hope Academy, we recently took a field trip (literally walked through a field to get there!) to a local “brick factory” to find out more about this process. We met Irakoze who graciously explained how you mix some dirt but mostly clay (ibumba) together and then put it into a wooden mold (iforoma).


Saying Yes - Nikky's Story - "I went to Cross Training this year and went through the track called Thriving in College (the track for freshmen). In one of the sessions someone made the statement people don’t care what you know until they know that you care. I immediately wrote it down and I thought I would do that sometime. Then, this week, I was talking to one of people I know from chemistry and he shared that he doesn’t have close friends and no one listens to him. Part of me was thinking about all the homework I had to get done but something told me to just look him in the eye and say “I will listen to you.” We ended up having a deep conversation where I got to share some of my thoughts about my faith. The next day I was so excited to tell one of the leaders in my small group all about it. I said, “Hey! I actually put to use the things I learned at Cross Training!” He was excited and challenged me to invite him to small group. At first I didn’t want to because I definitely thought he would say no to something like that. I decided to take the risk and text him to invite him anyway. He said yes and he is going to come to small group next week!" --Nikky (freshman at MSOE) Note: Her friend did end up coming to small group and she is excited to keep reaching out to him. I love working with students like Nikky who respond quickly to Jesus; look forward to helping her continue to take risks and grow in her faith.)


Praise God for the opportunity to make memories with family in Minnesota before leaving for Colombia. As we return to serve in Colombia we ask for your continued prayers! We will updating our blog at and invite you to visit regularly for updates.  


On October 16, 2016, one day after her first birthday, we dedicated Maya to the Lord and welcomed her to the larger church family at our home church Amparo y Fortaleza. It was a beautiful day of celebration. Pastor Julio preached on Matthew 18:1-5 where Jesus says, “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.” Maya’s dedication was after the sermon, and it was beautiful to see the church welcome her to the family. I explained why we chose Maya Analina’s name and then sang Children of the Heavenly Father in English and projected the translation in Spanish so everyone would understand the words.


Recently two of the girls who were on the USA trip came over to read the Bible together! We read a passage in Genesis and then talked about what we liked or disliked and what we had learned from the text. The discussion wasn’t long, but it happened. The girls were curious to know what my favorite book and verse of the Bible are. They had questions about how the Bible was put together and what kind of stories it held. They stayed after and talked about life and made plans for the next time we’d meet. They want to continue meeting every other weekend! The girls told their friends that they had fun, and now another girl from the trip wants to come the next time we meet! (2 other girls from the trip had wanted to come but were unable to attend due to a birthday party.) I’m just really blown away by their interest and willingness to read the Bible together. This is the type of thing I left home for, and it’s really happening! This summer at camp the girls said they had some interest in reading the Bible, but I was doubtful that they would actually commit to it once we got back to Cáceres. They proved me wrong!









































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