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Most of the team recently attended the Serge East Africa retreat that occurs every four years. Retreats provide an opportunity for us to get away from the hustle and bustle of life in Burundi and to reconnect with God, each other, and Serge friends doing similar work in the region. The theme of the week brought by speaker Greg Thompson was "Life in the Wilderness." In Exodus, God leads His people in the wilderness - not an easy place but the place where God was with them by day and by night. We had no trouble applying the imagery of wilderness to our lives in East Africa - places where we lack clarity & control, sometimes powerful and beautiful places but where we don't always understand what's happening. We identify with Martin Luther King, Jr. who said, "Always there's a wilderness before us." But wilderness doesn't have to be a place of despair. Instead it is a place of invitation by our Beloved Heavenly Father to be embraced, transformed, and consoled by Him alone which leads us to join Him in consoling and loving others. We appreciate your prayers for our team that these truths would sink deep into our lives and overflow to those around us.


Eric and Brittany’s new InterVarsity group, students attending UW-Madison, were at Zion for a retreat on September 21-22, spending Friday and Saturday at Mission House. Good that the move from Milwaukee didn’t stop the tradition. Grandpa Steve was also pleased, he looked forward to making pancakes for visiting grandchildren Josiah, Lilia and Frances.



Recently a group of over 20 children’s ministry leaders from 4 Covenant churches in Bogota came together for a retreat. The retreat was designed to create space for sharing experiences and resources among the participants, as well as to equip them to reach the children in their congregations and communities. The retreat focused around the theme of identity, to help the children understand the value that they have and to experience God’s love.


I’ve been back in Spain now just under 2 weeks. It sure is good to be back! I had a wonderful time at home seeing many of you and getting special time with family. However, it's also great to be back to some of my routine and of course, my fiancé. We are busy with wedding plans and combining household items so that we can live together after the wedding. Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare to be married and handle all the wedding preparations. (Note: Wedding date was Sept 22.) Your prayers for my financial support definitely were answered! I received support sufficiently for the next year. I will have some support needs when the year closes out as some support commitments have been made for 1 year. I'm amazed and humbled by God's provision. The way God has used you in my life and in Spain makes me forever grateful. Thank you so much to all of you who are partnering with me in prayers and finances. I really appreciate you and could not be in Spain without you.


Twenty years ago in August, I believe God called me and gave me the courage to leave my fiancé, friends, family and all things familiar to come to Oaxaca and live with an amazing Oaxacan family, grow in my Spanish speaking abilities, learn from new friends and serve in a new and exciting community development ministry called Fuentes Libres A C for one year. I am so grateful for the grace to have said yes to God and this adventure! I never would have thought at that time my one year here would turn into a call to serve with and among our sisters and brothers in Mexico together with my husband for the last 15 years. Life in Mexico has been beautiful and challenging, but I am grateful for the blessing of living in and between two different countries and cultures and for the richness the diversity brings to me and our family.









































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