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"Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love another, for whoever loves has fulfilled the law." Romans 13:8 One of the frequent questions we get here in our time in the US is "What's it like to walk into this moment of America's political culture?" It's a complicated question to answer, but I do feel like there is one Christian exhortation I can unequivocally add to the discussion. Love one another. If you cannot love your brother that you see, how can you say that you love God, whom you haven't seen? And loving God and loving one another are the two greatest commandments. All the law and the prophets hang on these commandments. Without love, I have nothing. (These are all direct citations from the New Testament.) How does this normally play out in life? Mostly, we are concerned with being right. If I'm right, but I'm not necessarily loving towards others, then that's not ideal, but at least I'm right. The Bible stands in stark contrast to this, saying effectively, "That's impossible, because love is the fulfillment of the law." If I am not loving, then I am wrong, in the deepest sense. I haven't just missed it a bit. I haven't lost style points. I have utterly missed the mark. But, I say, making right and wise choices is a means of love. For example, as a parent, my love for my child insists sometimes on difficult, right choices sometimes. That's true. But I can use it as an excuse to prize my rightness over love. Just as in the parenting example, though a right decision can be a manifestation of love, I can still be right without loving. In which case, Jesus says I have utterly failed to be right. Love is not secondary. When love is subordinated, we have run off the tracks. Read James 3:13 about wisdom. Read 1 Peter 2:19 about unjust suffering. One cannot divorce justice and righteousness from these ideas, but the unexpected feature of them both is how selfless love is the foundation. There is no starting place besides love. 


A Moment of Great Opportunity Over the last 10+ years, I have listened to a lot of students share about the way their lives were changed during their time in InterVarsity. Almost every student has a story about how God used a conference to change them forever, to realign them and send them off in a new direction. That is why I love conferences! It's not just about the late nights, moving worship and great memories. For many students, conferences are the starting point of a new trajectory in life. That is why we need YOU to pray. Prayer Requests: As we work to relaunch the UW chapter, we are praying that: 1. Students to see how wonderful Jesus is and make the decision to put him at the center of their college life. 2. Our chapter becomes bonded together by a vision to see students transformed by Jesus back on Campus.



Thank you for your prayers during the month of October! We have been traveling, teaching, in meetings and in preparation mode. This month is a very special month and we ask that you join us in prayer as we get ready to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Colombia. We will celebrate Nov. 16-18th in Medellin. On Saturday the 17th, 300 people from Colombia and other parts of the world who will come together to celebrate God's faithfulness and seek guidance as we look forward. Pray for all of the logistics, for those traveling, and for us as we host. Praise God for three days Katie had in Barranquilla to preach in a local church and help lead English workshops for teachers in the four Covenant elementary schools, with our interns Jon and Ashley. Read more and see pictures from our time in Barranquilla. Pray for the visit from representatives from CWR (Covenant World Relief) as they will be meeting with leaders from the different projects that CWR supports through grants. Pray as they travel and pray for their meetings together. Pray for our team as we spend a few days together on a retreat. Pray for time to rest, to be renewed by God's Spirit and have a great time together. We thank you for praying with us and we commit to praying for you! Peace, Julio and Katie


"Thank you so much for your continued partnership to share God's love in Spain! Please pray for me as I will begin a Bible study with a Spanish woman from church who has never been in a Bible study before. Pray for our time together, that we would both grow in our faith. A few weeks ago she expressed to me her desire to learn more about God. She said, "I feel I need someone to impart their knowledge and share it with me. I have so much to learn!" The plan is to do a Discovery Bible Study together. This method will allow the Bible to speak for itself and give her a way to grow on her own when we don't study together. Please pray that God would give more Spanish people a desire to know Him and learn about Him. Thank God for this opportunity to study the Bible together!"


20 years ago this month, I believe God called me and gave me the courage to leave my fiancé, friends, family and all things familiar to come to Oaxaca and live with an amazing Oaxacan family, grow in my Spanish speaking abilities, learn from new friends and serve in a new and exciting community development ministry called Fuentes Libres A C for one year. I am so grateful for the grace to have said yes to God and this adventure! I never would have thought at that time my one year here would turn into a call to serve with and among our sisters and brothers in Mexico together with my husband for the last 15 years. Life in Mexico has been beautiful and challenging, but I am grateful for the blessing of living in and between two different countries and cultures and for the richness the diversity brings to me and our family.









































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