Primeval Origins 

Oct 8, 2017 Genesis 1:1-2:3  God's transcendence in Creation 

Oct 15, 2017 Genesis 2:4-25 God's immanence in Creation 

Oct 22, 2017 Genesis 3 Humanity's disordering of Creation 

Oct 29, 2017 Genesis 4 Sin, defiance, and death 

Nov 5, 2017 Genesis 6-7 God's heart is grieved over humanity 

Nov 12, 2017 Genesis 8:1-9:17 God's renewal through Noah 

Nov 19, 2017 Genesis 11:1-9 Humanity's defiance in the building of a tower 

Nov 26, 2017 Genesis 12:1-3 God's commitment to bless through Abraham (and Jesus)

Shaping Beauty and Hope from the Emptiness
Genesis 1:1-2:3 

Act One, Scene One

The lights are down. The stage is in darkness.  The audience waits, holding their breath, full of anticipation to see what will happen.

The elements of the story may be vaguely familiar to us, floating in the deep recesses of memory, but we are still unclear about how it all begins. 

Then the Artist steps out onto the stage! There are no props, no sets, nothing for us to fix our eyes upon, only the Artist himself. He stops near a stirring, churning pot of something. It looks like oil, like a primordial soup of sorts. He stares into it, brooding. He turns his gaze upward into the audience. He parts his lips as if to speak. What will he say? Everyone leans forward in their seats, listening intently. 

There is a mystery to this art, something very old and hidden from us. The Artist works slowly, methodically, patiently, lovingly, drawing colors out from the roiling waters, adding them with a brush to an empty canvas nearby, naming them and explaining to the audience what he is doing. And with each stroke, with each cycle, something beautiful and hopeful emerges from the canvas as if it were already there the entire time, hiding, waiting for someone to set it free through the truth of the art itself. 

We know this story. We see it all around us. There is darkness, emptiness, and a fearful, unfathomable deep. It threatens to drown us at any moment. But somehow there is also splendor, form, fullness, and grace. 

The difference lies in knowing the Artist who shapes it.


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