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Throughout the Bible there are numerous instructions about heath. Christ's earthy ministry included preaching, teaching, and healing. Jesus commanded the church to "preach the Kingdom of God and heal the sick." (Luke 9:2)

Parish nurses are registered nurses with advanced training that prepares them to provide wholistic health care in churches. As a member of the congregation's ministerial team, they expand the healing mission of the church by strengthening the link between physical,, emotional, and spiritual wellness.  

They do not provide home care services or perform invasive nursing procedures. They do not replace the pastor or compete with other health professionals, public health or community heath services, but rather work in collaboration with these agencies to enhance health care delivery.

The church is an excellent setting for persons to share and learn about health. The parish nurse program within a church recognizes the need for persons to receive support towards optimum health-filled living. The parish nurse works with clergy and others in many ways......

  • visits members in their homes or in the hospital on request

  • counsels members on health-related concerns

  • assists in obtaining necessary health services

  • helps members understand how body. mind, and spirit are related

  • provides health screenings

  • teaches classes on optimum health maintenance

  • assists in adapting to life changes

  • provides informational sessions on current health issues

  • coordinates volunteers for the health ministry

The Parish Nurse is:

A Health Educator - providing opportunities for the congregation to learn more about health topics and issues.

A Referral Service - serving as a liaison to connect people with community agencies'.

A Health Consultant - listening and discussing health concerns with persons in their home, church, hospital or nursing home.

A Facilitator/Coordinator - recruiting volunteers from the congregation to help those in need.

An Integrator - assisting people to bring together faith and healing into their lives.

A Friend - to whom members may turn when they need guidance and support for their health concerns.  

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