People on the Grow

As we engage in life together through teaching, fellowship, communion, prayer, miracles, radical generosity, and corporate worship. We spend time learning, celebrating, proclaiming the Good News, and supporting each other.

Small Groups

Bible Studies

Formation Classes

Small groups are a way of living out our purpose, both as individuals and as a collective group of believers—to be the church. We share a common foundation of faith and God has called us to live out the implications of that faith in a relational community, in the context that we call a small group.

Bible studies provide an opportunity to experience God's Word, to discuss and to learn from one another. We offer a number of different opportunites in this area throughout the year for all to participate in.

Sunday mornings provide yet another opportunity to grow in your faith with our Spiritual Formation classes that are available for ALL ages. No matter if you are a young person attending "Sunday School" or an adult looking for opportunities to grow and discuss a number of different topics we have them Sunday morning. Running Labor Day through Memorial Day we have opportunities available Sunday mornings starting at 8:30am.

Growth Opportunities

Immerse Bible Reading
   Bible Study

Online Discussion: Wednesday @ 6:30pm (about 1 hour)

t’s time for another Immerse Bible reading opportunity! This year, we will be reading “Beginnings”, which includes the first five books of the Bible, also known as the Pentateuch. As a reminder, there are two main benefits to the Immerse program:

First, the books are in a reader-friendly format, with all the chapters and verses removed, which allow for an easier experience over a focused period of time (roughly five pages per day, five days a week, for sixteen weeks total). We have decided this time to try the longer plan they make available
based on feedback that at times the volume of reading was too much – it is now half! If you were with us during our previous reading you probably already have the book and con use that for the upcoming study.

Second, there is a discussion group offered each week to help process the reading and further our learning together. The discussions will be held on Wednesday evenings starting at 6:30pm and are scheduled for one hour. The change in length again reflects the fact that we are splitting this into sixteen weeks instead of eight. The discussions will be held virtually making it easy for you to drop in, discuss with the group and then go back to other items. The link for the discussions will be sent each week.

The schedule this year will be as follows:
1. Sign up to and if needed order your books between now and September 10. (The cost of each book is $10. Money can be paid to Zion at any point.)
2. Books will be available at sign up and if more need to be ordered we will get them quickly.
3. Begin reading on September 13th for discussion the following Wednesday.
4. The first discussion group will meet Wednesday, September 20th at 6:30pm.
5. We plan to do the first 9 weeks of reading prior to Thanksgiving (concluding November 15th) and then the remaining reading starting in January after Advent.

Care Groups
   Small Group

Contact Info: Please use our Contact Us to assist finding a group

Churches use all sorts of names for small groups—life groups, growth groups, home groups, cell groups. They also use various models, numerous strategies for connection, various plans for assimilation, and church-specific vision and goals for their group ministries. Yet all would agree that small groups are a means to an end, not an end in and of themselves. Small groups exist as a way for people to engage in biblical community that helps them become more like Jesus in every area of their lives. We are looking to get small groups started in our church and they help to not only bring a community of believers closer together, but it also helps to being our community closer to God.

Spiritual Formation

Meeting Info: Every Sunday 8:30am, Church campus - Room varies by age group.

All are welcome to participate in Sunday Morning Spiritual Formation (aka “Sunday School”) each week. Zion offers groups that span every stage of life and encompass various points along the spiritual journey. Classes meet at 8:30 AM and members will be more than happy to get you headed in the right direction. We hope you will join us as we deepen our relationships with God and one another!